Keep your home virus free and protect your family with Bacteo Tower Lamp

With an ongoing pandemic in the world there is nothing more important than safety of your loved ones.

Visiting a number of places, meeting people and having friends over makes the risk of bringing in harmful viruses to your house immense. It poses risks not only for family members, but visiting friends too. With standard cleaning solutions and procedures, you do everything to keep your home virus-free. But is it enough?

Even the best traditional cleaning methods aren’t always effective and a number of virus strains are potentially left on surfaces like clothes and shoes, door knobs or light switches.

How can you ensure that your home is effectively cleaned and you don’t bring any potentially harmful viruses inside?

We present the solution

Bacteo Tower Lamp is an innovative portable germicidal lamp utilizing UVGI technology.

This scientifically proven disinfection technology has been used in industrial and medical settings to keep indoor spaces clean and virus free for over 40 years. Until now, it was only accessible to large institutions. Thankfully, today you can take advantage of it too.

Bacteo works by emitting short-wavelength ultraviolet light (UVC) to kill or inactivate harmful microorganisms on surfaces and in the air. UVC light is used to destroy over hundreds of various bacteria and virus strains successfully.

Disinfect your home, rooms, clothes and be sure that there are no harmful microorganisms left roaming. 

Designed with your needs in mind, Bacteo Tower Lamp guarantees virus-free environments and the safety of your loved ones.

"All I care about is keeping my family safe. When I found out about this lamp I knew it was going to be so useful. The only worry I had when I ordered it was that it would be heavy. But I can pick it up so easily and move it from room to room. Thanks!"

Josie, Housewife

"I’m a key worker and have three kids so I needed to go to work while the kids stayed with a babysitter. I don’t have much time, so when we’re all back at home I can just leave all their books and laptops under the Bacteo and it makes sure everything is free from the virus."

Grace Cole, Mother of three

"I wanted a gift for my daughter that would help her clean her house during this virus. The instructions were so easy, I set it up for her so quickly. I’d recommend it to anyone."

Phil, Grandad


How can Bacteo help you?

Maximum safety at home

You can be sure that your home is free from the most commonly carried bacteria and viruses which pose health risks. It’s scientifically proven that UVC light destroys coronaviruses, bacterial spores, bad bacteria, viruses, such as influenza, rotavirus, hepatitis A, bed mites and more. Bacteo removes harmful organisms from surfaces, air and clothes.

What about COVID-19? Over the years, UVC light has been successfully used to destroy many SARS viruses. Until recently, there was no research demonstrating whether UVC light is capable of destroying SARS-CoV-2, a virus which causes COVID-19 disease. Today, we have the first scientific studies showing that high doses of UVC light, just like Bacteo emits, destroy the harmful SARS-CoV-2 virus. For more information please visit the effectiveness section.

Effective and fast disinfection

Bacteo is powered by the best-in-class Philips's Signify 95 watt UVC light tube, which effectively disinfects spaces up to 60 square meters in under 24 minutes. You’ll be able to clean all your rooms quickly at any time of the day. You might want to disinfect before and after guests have left, leaving for work, or coming back from public spaces. To destroy those harmful microorganisms which are sitting on your clothes, simply put your shoes and clothes in the disinfection area and they will be disinfected in a few minutes. The slender design ensures 360-degree coverage, leaving no blind-spots behind.

Portable, adaptable and easy to use

Weighing under 4kg, it’s easy to carry. Anyone can carry it from room to room. It has a 5 meter long cable, so you don’t need any additional extension cords to plug it in.

Bacteo is operated with one-click controls. Simply plug it in, select the size of the room and the disinfection process will start when you exit the room.

As opposed to other UVC products on the market, Bacteo Tower Lamp doesn't emit ozone smell, which requires long periods of ventilation to disappear. It generates a faint smell that disappears a few minutes after ventilation.

Made with highest safety standards

High doses of UVC light can be harmful to humans and pets. So, keep direct UVC exposure to a minimum by not being present in the room during the disinfection process. Because we understand that someone from your family or even an animal might accidentally enter the room during the disinfection process, we made an extra effort to provide an additional safety.

Bacteo Tower Lamp is equipped with Doppler motion sensor technology, which automatically turns off the lamp when movement is detected within a 5 meter radius. After an object has disappeared from its radius, the disinfection process will resume. You can be sure that no-one will get exposed.

Durable and High Quality

Bacteo is produced exclusively in Europe and is CEE and RoHS certified to comply with safety and quality requirements. Made out of stainless steel, it easily withstands daily use. Powered by the certified Philips UVC light tube, which operate at 9000 hours, you can be sure that your purchase will benefit you for years.

Keep your home safe and protected

With the ongoing pandemic in the world there is nothing more important than safety of your loved ones. You must ensure, at the very least, that your home is a virus-free environment so you can protect everyone from external harmful organisms. Disinfecting your home with Bacteo means you’ll add the extra safety layer needed to make your home an impenetrable fortress and safe oasis.

Protect your home from viruses and keep your family safe