Keep your clients safe and your business running with Bacteo Tower Lamp

Now more than ever, clients are incredibly wary of beauty parlour cleanliness because the risk of contamination is so high.

They choose businesses which can provide maximum safety and expect you to go the extra mile to ensure that your salon is virus free. There can be no contamination risk during a beauty procedure.

With hundreds of people visiting your beauty salon, the risk of spreading harmful viruses and leaving bacteria on surfaces is immense. With standard cleaning solutions and procedures, you do everything to keep your parlour virus and bacteria free and clients at ease. But is it enough?

Truthfully, even the best traditional cleaning methods aren’t always effective and a number of virus strains are left on surfaces and in the air - a potential hazard for you, your employees, clients and business. How can you ensure your salon is protected from viruses and bacteria, that your clients are at ease, and people choose you over competitors?

We present the solution

Bacteo Tower Lamp is an innovative portable germicidal lamp utilizing UVGI technology.

This scientifically proven disinfection technology has been used in industrial and medical settings to keep indoor spaces clean and virus free for over 40 years. Until now, it was only accessible to large institutions. Thankfully, today you can take advantage of it too.

Bacteo works by emitting short-wavelength ultraviolet light (UV-C) to kill or inactivate harmful microorganisms on surfaces and in the air. UV-C light is used to destroy hundreds of various bacteria and virus strains successfully. The product is efficient, fast, easy to use and durable.

Bacteo Tower Lamp designed with your salon's needs in mind, guarantees a virus-free environment, and the safety of your clients.

"Coronavirus nearly destroyed our business. We thought we could open again and then had to wait another two weeks. My business partner told me about Bacteo. She said it’s no-fuss and will help us prevent illness in the salon. It makes me feel so much safer."

Liz, The Salon Room

"We have to make our clients feel like they can trust our establishment during pandemic. Our customer service is so important. You might give someone a good haircut, but the service you provide around it elevates the experience to the next level."

Shannon, Lavender Hairdressers

"We’re taking smart steps to make sure no one shares germs by touching surfaces and getting infected when they get their treatments. The reality of this lamp, is that it’s destroying all those horrible germs whilst we are busy running our business."

Angelika, Icon Beauty

How can Bacteo help you?

Maximum safety for your clients

You can be sure that your beauty salon will be free from the most commonly found viruses and clients will feel safe. Bacteo Tower Lamp light destroys bacterial spores, bad bacteria, viruses, such as influenza, rotavirus, hepatitis A and many others. Bacteo removes harmful organisms from surfaces, air and equipment.

What about COVID-19? Over the years, UV-C light has been successfully used to destroy many SARS viruses. Until recently, there was no research demonstrating whether UV-C light is capable of destroying SARS-CoV-2, a virus which causes COVID-19 disease. Today, we have the first scientific studies showing that high doses of UV-C light, just like Bacteo emits, destroys the harmful SARS-CoV-2 virus. For more information please visit the effectiveness section. 

Effective and fast disinfection

Bacteo is powered by the best-in-class Philips Signify 95-watt UVC light tube, which effectively disinfects spaces up to 60 square meters in under 24 minutes. You’ll be able to clean the main areas of your salon quickly during short breaks, or outside business hours. On top of that, you can put all your equipment in one place and it will be disinfected in a few minutes. Additionally, the slender design ensures 360-degree coverage leaving no blind-spots behind.

Portable, adaptable and easy to use

Bacteo Tower Lamp weighs under 2kg and it’s easy to carry. You, your colleagues, and cleaning personnel won’t have any difficulties transporting it from cleaning storage rooms to other areas. It also has a 5 meter long cable, so you don’t need to use any additional extension cords to plug it in.

Bacteo is operated with one-click controls. Simply plug it in, select the size of the room and the disinfection process will start when you exit the room.

Bacteo Tower Lamp doesn't emit ozone smells, which require long ventilation times to disappear. It generates a faint smell that disappears a few minutes after ventilation.

Made with highest safety standards

UV-C light is invisible to the human eye, but can still be harmful, especially in big doses. Even if you clean your salon when no one is around, someone might accidentally enter. Bacteo Tower Lamp is equipped with Doppler motion sensor technology, which automatically turns off the lamp when movement is detected within a 5 meter radius. After an object has disappeared from its radius, the disinfection process will resume. You can be sure that no-one gets exposed.

Durable and high quality

Bacteo is produced exclusively in Europe. It’s CEE and RoHS certified to comply with all safety and quality requirements. Made out of stainless steel the product easily withstands frequent use. Powered by a certified Philips UVC light tube, which has 9000 hours of operational capacity, you can be sure that your purchase will last for years.

Keep your clients safe and business thriving

People prioritize beauty salons that guarantee safety. UVGI disinfection technology is one of the most effective in achieving cleanliness, but there hasn’t been a solution on the market geared towards the beauty industry. Until now.

Disinfecting your beauty parlour with a Bacteo Tower Lamp, you ensure that it‘s always clean and virus-free. It makes you stand out from the competitors. Show your clients that you care about them. Motivate people to choose you and propel your business further. You will stand out from the competition.

Keep your clients safe and your business running