The catastrophic issue that started it all

National emergencies declared, strict policies enforced and business-crushing closures. COVID-19 changed daily life as the disease swept across the globe. In December 2019, the world faced the consequences of this terrible virus. Nations had never encountered a bug like this before. International movement froze and the world went into lockdown. Now, as the world is slowly recovering, industries are feeling huge impacts.

Establishments such as beauty salons, hotels and offices currently need sanitation like never before. As people start returning to work, companies must implement safety strategies to avoid new surges of COVID-19 infections.

The hygiene solution

As governments warned citizens to stay at home, three inventors decided to come up with a hygiene solution. Wanting to provide an easy way for you to take everyday steps to prevent people from getting ill, they needed to design something that was easy to use and effective at exterminating the virus. So they conceptualised a UVC lamp to protect their loved ones from harmful germs and pathogens.

From idea to prototype

As designs were refined, and initial prototypes were formed to test the concept - the new functionality was evaluated until the exact specifications, materials and sleek designs were perfectly achieved.This all resulted in the first Bacteo UVC Tower lamp being created, which thankfully provided a handy way to keep people from contracting Coronavirus. Following this, scientific testing began, which demonstrated fantastic results in showcasing its power to kill harmful bacteria and viruses.

The Bacteo Tower Lamp is launched to consumers

The Bacteo Tower Lamp is now in full production, and readily available to serve your needs. It's clear that Bacteo has enormous potential to combat COVID-19. Bacteo cemented its reputation with RoHs and CEA certifications. Scientific studies back up the benefits of the technology. The lamp was created with ease of use, speed and portability in mind. The fact that it disinfects with no physical contact, makes it an extremely effective tool to assist you in stopping Coronavirus.

And it’s not just private establishments that need cleansing. Now, more than ever, we must be more vigilant about disinfecting our own homes.