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What is a UVC disinfection lamp and how does it work?

What is a UVC disinfection lamp and how does it work?

So what you need to know about UVC lamp technology? Well, Bacteo Tower Lamp is equipped with a powerful 95 watt UVC light tube which emits a high dosage of UVC light capable of destroying the most common viruses and pathogens1.

The UVC light tube has a total expected life of 9000 hours. And if you need to, you can purchase replaceable UVC light tubes for your Bacteo Tower Lamp. These easy to fit light tubes take away the hassle of replacing the whole lamp after those 9000 hours are up.

What kind of UVC light bulb is used?
To be precise, the Bacteo Tower Lamp comes fully equipped with a Philips TUV PL-L 95W/4P HO 1CT/25 bulb. The design of the structure encasing the lamp allows the light to be more focused during emission. 

Check out these specifications that best demonstrate how the Bacteo Tower Lamp can contribute meaningfully to keeping society safe: 

  • Lifecycle - 9000 hours
  • Power - 90 W
  • Lamp Current - 0.8A
  • Voltage - 115 V
  • UV Wavelength - 254 nm
  • Mercury - 4.4mg
  • UVC radiation - 27.0w
  • Weight - 134g

Until now, high quality UVC lamps have not been freely available to the general public
The type of UVC light tube that is used in the Bacteo Tower Lamp has been used in industrial and medical settings to keep indoor spaces at the highest levels of cleanliness, and virus free, for nearly half a century.

This scientifically proven disinfection technology made a name for itself as a viable way to halt the harmful spread of bacteria because it was being used so successfully in private sites such as hospitals. In fact, it has been used in medical settings to keep indoor spaces clean and at the highest levels of hygiene for over 40 years. 

Until now, it was only accessible to large institutions. But thankfully, today you can take advantage of it too. After a big push from the inventors of the Bacteo Tower Lamp to think outside the usual framework of products and technology, they decided to combine the lamp into an easily portable framework for use in the home and other places. And that is how the Bacteo Tower Lamp was conceptualized for the public market.

How it works
In laboratory testing, UVC light sources inactivated 99% of the SARS-CoV-2 virus on any given surface2, with an exposure time of only a few seconds. The control switches have been designed to prevent guess work and they ensure effective disinfection at all times. Simply select the size of your room via the control dials and Bacteo Tower Lamp will automatically begin the disinfection process. The time needed for the lamp to be on and running, in order to achieve an effective disinfection rate is based on the size of the room you wish to clean.  

It’s really simple to select your room size with the easy to use spinning dial that’s situated on the front side of the lamp. Then, as soon as you leave the room the lamp is going to automatically turn on and start disinfecting the space you’ve chosen to set it up in. The nanometer wavelength of UVC is 254 nm which means it is suitable for a majority of environments. And, the motion detection sensor is constantly detecting movement and switches the lamp off if something triggers the motion sensor.

UVC light will only disinfect objects that are directly illuminated. If there is an obstacle between the object and the lamp, the area behind the object will not be disinfected effectively. So, it is a good idea to arrange the room or position the lamp, in a way that as many objects as possible would be in direct line of sight of the lamp. 

Moving towards a safer future
Unfortunately the rate of Coronavirus infection rates increases exponentially as people are fortunate enough to go back to work. On one hand, economies will slowly start to recover. However, on the other hand, this social mixing drastically increases the spread of bacteria and microorganisms. You can feel assured that UVC technology helps you to keep your hygiene at the highest standard. 

Easily replace the bulb
You know the feeling when a lightbulb has blown and you need to replace it in your home? It’s a given that that’s going to happen. It’s not a big deal, but it is always a pain that gives most people a slight headache.

The good news is that the Bacteo Tower Lamp’s bulb is simple to replace by yourself - and you get a long life guarantee. What’s more, the lamp is covered by a 2 year warranty, so you can feel comfortable that you will not have to replace it any time soon.

Germ killing technology guaranteed
At any given moment in time, there are usually over 9,000 different germs present in most indoor spaces. Studies show that some germs remain vigilant for days and even the best traditional cleaning efforts are not effective. You need something more powerful.

You need to feel really safe in any room you are in - which is so important in this global pandemic. That’s where the Bacteo Tower Lamp steps into the picture - it disinfects air and surfaces from a number of bacteria and viruses3, including Coronaviruses. It certainly is overwhelming how many bacterial spores, influenza, rotavirus and other bad germs are hanging around. Recently, scientific studies have proven that high doses of UVC light, just like Bacteo emits, also destroys the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the virus which causes COVID-19 disease2

The lamp effectively disinfects 60 meters squared in under 24 minutes, with 360 degree area coverage. The lamp is also highly portable because it doesn’t weigh much. Being easy to carry is a major bonus of this lamp, because more often than not disinfection sterilization equipment technology can be extremely cumbersome and uncomfortably heavy. 

How does this all create a virus free space? 
As the disinfection capabilities of UVC are so strong, you can feel safe that it is going to prevent harmful bacteria from multiplying. But just because it is UVC, it’s not going to zap everything in its way and leave destruction behind. For example, if you have plants in your house or office, and it is a hassle to remove them before switching on the lamp, you can just cover them with cloth while the Bacteo Tower Lamp disinfection is in progress.

With the state of the virus infection rate, and Coronavirus currently rising again around the globe - you need some extra safety measures that are going to stop germs. We recommend using the Bacteo Tower Lamp for exactly that purpose. Traditional means of cleaning combined with the UVC lamp result in fantastic outcomes, leaving you feeling more at ease because you are being proactive about having the highest levels of health and safety.

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