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Does UVC light kill Coronavirus?

Does UVC light kill Coronavirus?

Yes. UVC light kills the SaRS-CoV-19 virus, which causes Covid-19 disease1. That means that the UC-V light used in the Bacteo Power Lamp is proven to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

UCV is an established means of disinfection and is backed up by extensive scientific research2. 95 watt UVC light tubes are capable of emitting powerful dosages of light to destroy viruses and pathogens3. Therefore, UVC light is a clinically proven way to combat contagious disasters4.

UVC, the technology used in the Bacteo Power Lamp, is scientifically certified so that it can be used safely in a number of environments, including both public and private places3. UVC is an effective measure to further address rising cases of Coronavirus around the globe. 

The science behind UVC
In response to increasing infection rates, it is important that society is aware of additional ways to combat the COVID-19 virus. Techniques such as thorough and regular hand washing, social distancing, deep cleaning and disinfection prevents the spread of Coronavirus. It truly is critical that every person observes these key behaviours and takes extra precautions to sanitise their surroundings. Illness transmission risk is substantially reduced if these health guidelines are implemented. And, the expectation is that the measures described above will need to remain in place until the foreseeable future.

Of course, everyone should be well aware that wearing face coverings and keeping a safe distance are also vital ways of combating transmission. And, if you or your loved ones are particularly susceptible to illness, or are showing the slightest of symptoms, self shielding (otherwise known as self-isolation) is a vital way of halting the spread of Coronavirus. However, infection risks rise when certain people are willing to forgo these basic measures to keep the people in their surrounding community safe. So, UVC acts as a reliable back-up method. 

UVC innovation 
Keep in mind that this UVC light technology is ready to bring lasting innovation to the market for disinfection products. And, it is a hot topic amongst industry thought leaders, with many scientists discussing the benefits uncovered by their extensive research. In fact, now that a UVC lamp product has become available to the public and hit the market, there is no doubt the technology will start becoming so popular amongst those who care about their safety and the safety of others.

When faced with the numerous possibilities of contracting the disease, it is scary to think about the high possibility of falling ill. Using the Bacteo Power Lamp, which utilizes the benefits of UVC, is a great way to boost your confidence about keeping your surroundings clean and clear from pathogens.

The proof is in the scientific research 
The issue to blame for Coronavirus is SARS-CoV-2. As SARS-CoV-2 can be spread by touch, it is vital that surfaces are cleared from this nasty bacteria. The spread of the virus is impacting the ability of many companies around the world to reopen business conferences, exhibition halls, large sporting events and more. This results in dramatic and crushing impacts on varying industries and the wider economy. 

Scientific research concluded that UVC is extremely successful in exterminating Coronavirus1. It can be utilized as a very powerful tool. High doses of UVC light, just like Bacteo emits, indeed destroys the harmful SARS-CoV-2 virus which causes infection, and prevents the spread of Coronavirus.

This is why UV-C light is accumulating its rightly deserved praise for being proactive regarding disinfection. The science behind UV-C is proven. The photolytic effect of the light beams, destroys and also inactivates the extremely harmful microorganisms so that they can no longer multiply.

Let’s go deeper into the science behind the photolytic effect
The radiation destroys or inactivates the microorganisms so that they can no longer multiply. It causes adjacent thymine bases to form a chemical bond so that DNA cannot replicate. 

Did you know that some micro-organisms can repair themselves by absorbing UVA? In other cases UVC (and indeed UVA or UVB) can cause bond splitting in a molecule resulting in the creation of free radicals, which are often highly labile and which can react together to produce an inert end product. Used regularly, UVC can be used to inactivate this bacteria. 

UVC is not only significantly reducing the chances of contracting a life-altering disease. It’s a helpful resource for better mental health and wellbeing. During this Coronavirus outbreak, any extra measures we can take to prevent illness is valued by those around us. You can even feel more confident regarding the air you breathe - UVC is a proven method of cleaning room air. It is fascinating that those pesky and harmful microorganisms are halted by something so innovative as a UVC emitting light. 

People are experiencing a new normal 
There is no doubt you will have experienced some disruption to your normal routine. Life is changing for those of us all around the world, and unfortunately it will remain impacted for quite a while longer. 

Think about how you could combine the UVC technology within your new daily routine. And, think about how you can include the Bacteo Power Lamp and it’s UVC technology into new daily cleaning routines.

Also, in these turbulent times, consider how you are connecting with others. For everyone, maintaining healthy relationships with groups of people you trust is so very important for your mental health and personal wellbeing. Unfortunately, some people are not currently able to meet in person. But thankfully, technology is allowing people to keep in close touch with friends and family and colleagues via mobile telephone, video calls and social media.

A means to an end
UVC will give you an extra element of protection when it comes to connecting with the people you are able to see. A clean environment, free from active bacteria means you can help to minimize the stress of contracting Coronavirus in places like your workplace or your home.

Whatever type of spaces you function in, you could make use of some additional UVC measures that will halt the chances of you contracting the virus. UVC light is the go-to answer for quick and reliable disinfection. 

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