1.How to use the Bacteo Tower Disinfection Lamp. (English)

In this video we will cover: 1. Safety basics. 2. How to unbox, position, setup and switch on your disinfection lamp.

2. Safe usage of the Bacteo Tower Disinfection Lamp. (English)

Safety features of the "Bacteo Tower Disinfection Lamp". How to use it safely in your office, workspace or home.

3. Does UVC Light kill bacteria? Apple Test. UVC Disinfection Lamp. Germicidal UVC Lamp. (English)

UVC effect on bacteria. Testing 95W VS 36W UVC light tubes against bacteria.

4. What is the difference between 36W and 95W UVC disinfection lamps? UVC lamps comparison. (English)

How to measure the effectiveness and power of your UVC disinfection lamp. Are all UVC lamps the same? Comparison of 36W and 95W disinfection lamps.Text

5. How to test if you have genuine UVC? UVC disinfection lamps.Germicidal UVC lamps. (English)

There are plenty of fake lamps. How to know that you have a genuine UVC lamp which kills bacteria, molds, viruses, etc. Simple home test.