Bacteo Tower Lamp

Bacteo is a modern, portable UVGI germicidal lamp that kills pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, molds and various coronaviruses. Made of 1.2/1.5 mm stainless steel and using a certified 95 watt Philips light tube to emit UVC waves, it provides quick and effective results. To guarantee your safety, Bacteo features a Doppler motion sensor with 360-degree coverage that prevents exposure to UV light. For maximum efficiency, Bacteo should be used in indoor spaces up to 60 square meters. But it works in bigger areas too.

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Bacteo Tower Lamp destroys a number of pathogens

Bacterial spores can endure extreme conditions, which makes it easy for them to survive on any surface.

Mold that causes health problems and damages your surroundings.

Bad bacteria such as Salmonella enteritidis, E-coli, Legionella pneumophila, Campylobacter and more. Bad bacteria multiplies fast. It’s vital to get rid of it before it spreads.

Viruses survive on various surfaces before finding living cells to attack. Bacteo kills most viruses, including Rotavirus, hepatitis A, influenza and more.

Coronaviruses, such as SARS-CoV. Recently, a scientific study has been performed which shows that high doses of UVC light, just like the Bacteo Tower Lamp emits, destroys SARS-CoV-2, a virus which causes COVID-19 disease, on surfaces and in the air. For more information please visit the effectiveness section.

Blue-green algae which harms humans under direct exposure.

Unpleasant smells, whether it's pet fur or cigarette fumes, they’ll be gone after a quick session.

Bed mites that cause skin irritation.

Technology behind Bacteo

To kill viruses and bacteria, Bacteo uses the ultraviolet germicidal irradiation method (UVGI). UVGI disinfection has been used in hospitals for over 40 years. Now it’s available for home use. It uses short-wavelength ultraviolet light (UVC) to kill microorganisms, destroying nucleic acids by disrupting their DNA, leaving them unable to perform vital cellular functions.

Bacteo emits 254nm UV waves that are invisible to humans. UV waves have effective sterilization power over many pathogens that cause diseases like influenza or coronavirus.

While most germicidal lamps available on the market use plastic or aluminium enclosures, extensive research shows stainless steel is more effective. Unlike other materials, stainless steel doesn't absorb UVC light itself, meaning it gets totally emitted to the surrounding environment, so viruses are eliminated effectively.

For more information please visit the effectiveness section.

It’s powered by features that provide maximum efficiency, safety and ease of use.

Certified Philips 95-watt UVC light tube

The Philips TUV PLL 95-watt light tube is CE and CEA certified and one of the most powerful on the market. For over 30 years, Philips have developed exceptional technology that ensures maximum reliability. It disinfects 60 m2/ 645 ft2 in only 24 minutes, compared to other lamps that take around one hour. Philips’s light tube lasts around 9000 hours (375 days). On top of that, 95 watts ensure even the strongest viruses, including coronavirus, die during the process.

Ozone-free smell

Bacteo Tower Lamp is ozone-free. You won’t be exposed to ozone and its unpleasant smell. It produces a faint odor, so you should still ventilate the area for a few minutes after using the product.

Convenient 5m power cable

Bacteo Tower Lamp comes with a solid 5 meter cable. You don’t have to use any additional extensions to move the lamp around and reach the optimal operational spot.

Localised for your market

We provide a localised plug for your country, so you won't need adapters. On top of that, the control button comes with your preferred measurement system.

Durable stainless steel

The body is created from durable stainless steel. Stainless steel is known to last for years, making Bacteo an excellent option for people looking for durability and longevity, instead of buying cheaper plastic lamps that easily break.

Effective thin construction

Most UVGI devices use thick plastic or aluminium enclosures which compromise disinfection. Bacteo has a thin stainless steel construction. Unlike different materials, stainless steel doesn’t absorb UV light. All light is emitted to the surrounding environment, so pathogens are destroyed more effectively.

Safety ensuring motion detention system

The lamp features a Doppler motion detection system, which provides extra safety from direct exposure to UV-C light, which in high dosage can be harmful. In case someone enters an area while the disinfection process is in progress, it recognizes the movement and turns itself off until you're out of reach. When there’s no movement left, Bacteo resumes it’s task.

"As an Airbnb host, I really must do everything I can to keep people safe. The lamp adds an extra element of great customer service that’s so necessary. The apartment that I rent need to feel really safe now - which is so important in this global pandemic."

Joe, Airbnb Host

"We have to make our clients feel like they can trust our establishment during Corona. Our customer service is so important. You might give someone a good haircut, but the service you provide around it elevates the experience to the next level."

Shannon, Lavender Hairdressers

"I care about is keeping my family safe. When I found out about this lamp I knew it was going to be so useful. The only worry I had when I ordered it was that it would be heavy. But I can pick it up so easily and move it from room to room. Thanks!"

Josie, Housewife

Quick to disinfect

Due to the powerful, ozone-free, 95-watt Philips light tube, it only takes two minutes to clean 5 square meters. If you're disinfecting the recommended maximum 60 square meters, it only takes 24 minutes to finish the process. This means you can use the lamp whenever you have a spare half an hour. Disinfect your bedroom whilst having dinner with family, or clean your office from bacteria and viruses during lunch break.

Easy to use

Bacteo is designed for functionality and is easy to use. Plug it into an electrical outlet, hold the button until the red LED indicator lights up, then start configuring. Once you select the size of the room, press the button again to initiate the disinfection process. For safe and effective results, make sure to leave the room within ten seconds.

Once disinfection is complete, the lamp notifies you with a long beep. After that, it goes into standby mode and a green light indicates it's safe to approach. You can now move the lamp to other areas and repeat the process. For more information, check the user manual.

Made with highest safety standards

UVC light is invisible to the human eye, but can still be harmful, especially in big doses. For your safety, we recommend not looking directly at the light and avoid the area while it’s on. To protect you from possible exposure to UV, Bacteo features a Doppler motion detection system, which turns the lamp off once it detects any movement in the area.

On top of that, Bacteo does generates its own unique smell. But don’t get confused, it’s not ozone! Bacteo uses 95-watt ozone-free Philips UV, so it’s safe and highly effective.

Bacteo Power Lamp is ahead of the competition

It's more effective
Germicidal lamps are becoming ever more popular. And it’s no wonder why! Bacteo Tower Lamp only takes a short time to disinfect an area compared to most competitors on the market. It features a powerful, ozone free, 95 watt Philips light tube. The lamp emits high doses of UVC light killing even the most resistant pathogens.

Made from quality materials
With years of experience producing UVC light tubes, the effectiveness of a Philips’ UVC light tube is backed by scientific research and both CE and CEA certificates. Made from the highest quality materials, ensuring safety and reliability, they are considered best-in-class. With 9000 hours of operational duration, you won’t need to worry about a replacement for a while.

Made to last
Bacteo Tower Lamp is made from durable stainless steel, guaranteeing longevity and high efficiency compared to lamps that contain plastic, which break easily and block UVC light. Other products expose you to UV light, which in high doses can be harmful. Bacteo is equipped with motion detection technology, which turns the lamp off when movement is detected while disinfection is underway.

Localized for your market
For extra functionality and comfort, it comes with a localized adapter, a solid 5 meter cable and duration switch based on the size of the room you wish to disinfect - removing any guessing. Bacteo is not only a safe, efficient and long-lasting germicidal lamp, it's also designed to fit your home, office or shop.

Technical specifications

Product weight

3.8 kg / 8.4 lbs

Poduct size

28x28x75cm / 11x11x29,5"

Lamp power


Power supply

110/240 AC

UV wavelength

254 nm

Power cable

5m / 16,4ft, textile

Auto turn-off technology

Doppler radar 5.8GHz. 5m / 16,4ft radius


1,2-1,5mm / 0,037"-0,059" stainless steel

Light tube lifecycle

9 000 hours

Sound notification

80 dB

Inside the package

  In the package you will find:
  Bacteo Tower Lamp
  UVC Light Tube
  User guide

Protect yourself and those around you with Bacteo Tower Lamp