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How to create a virus-free environment for your clients?

How to create a virus-free environment for your clients?

Each and every one of us are at risk of contracting and spreading viruses, including Coronavirus. If you are a client facing organisation, you know full well that it is important to welcome people into a safe and clean environment. In today's day and age, creating an efficient cleaning strategy to ensure spaces are kept healthy for your clients is a must.

  • The cleanliness of surfaces all have a profound effect on our health and well-being, as does the quality of the air we breathe and the water we drink.
  • Bacteria is especially active in busy work areas and areas with high footfall. It is important to understand this whilst designing an effective working space.
  • For total peace of mind, now it is more important than ever that each member of society takes proactive steps to reduce the spread of COVID-19 infections in our communities and to save lives. Not tomorrow, but today. 

Business leaders have the power and the responsibility to prevent COVID-19
Resurgences of COVID-19 appear at exponential speed. And with all the information available online about Coronavirus, it might be overwhelming to make decisions about what to do to combat the sudden spread of the infection. UVC light can be a great way for you conduct your daily operations and business in a safe way. UVC can be used in numerous places, such as offices, cafes and stores all to keep clients and customers safe. 

This is particularly relevant and useful to public institutions. And also for businesses including offices, cafes, nursing homes, colleges, workshops, stores and more. UVC can be used to disinfect potentially contaminated equipment and surfaces, preventing and reducing the possibility of the virus being transmitted by touch, or second hand contact.

A call for innovative solutions
What is particularly important to remember is that everyday surfaces and belongings can also be contaminated with COVID-19. Individuals with the COVID-19 infection may cough, sneeze or have contact with these objects and surfaces. The sense of world-wide community which was triggered by the devastating COVID-19 pandemic has inspired many inventors to come up with innovative ways of adapting technologies to fight the spread of the life threatening virus. 

Cleaning your workplace to reduce the spread of infection
Regularly clean frequently touched surfaces such as coffee tables and kitchen cabinets. The Bacteo Power Lamp is perfect for sanitising such places. Other areas where the virus is particularly prevalent include remote controls, coffee machines and door handles.

Designed with client facing spaces in mind, the Bacteo Tower Lamp helps to guarantee virus free environments and the safety of your colleagues. A Bacteo Tower Lamp weighs under 2kg and it is easy to carry. You, your colleagues, employees and cleaning personnel will not have any difficulties carrying it from one room to the other. It also has a 5 meter long cable, so you do not need to use any additional extension cords to plug it in. 

Bacteo is operated with one-click controls. Simply plug it in, select the size of the room and the disinfection process will start when you exit the room. Using Bacteo combined with other cleaning procedures, you can rest assured that your office space is free from the most commonly found bacteria. 

Be especially vigilant in shared areas such as kitchens and bathrooms
Cleaning staff can use standard household cleaning products like detergents and bleach to clean your workplace. But when considering workplace surfaces that are home to the most bacteria, cleaning staff should clean shared bathrooms even more frequently than usual, using the usual bathroom cleaning products. And you should also be mindful, especially of the surfaces you have touched. Many viruses are still left hanging around even after standard cleaning procedures.

In high touch environments, UVC can be used to disinfect surfaces. Surface disinfection by exposure to germicidal UV light is a good way to prevent the spread of COVID-19. UVC can even be used in the transportation sector to disinfect interior surfaces in between rides. It also has applications in the retail industry (shopping carts, counters and checkouts) and particularly in the office sector. In the food industry, UVC can disinfect transport belts and packaging materials such as drinking bottles and glasses.

Your employees are your internal clients
Now more than ever, employees care about the cleanliness of their office spaces. Attract and retain the best and brightest working talent with hygiene solutions that positively impact those employees’ feelings, behavior and ultimately, their daily working performance. You can ensure your building is protected by harnessing the power of UVC technology.

Bring together a deep cleaning approach with advanced UVC technology to create an efficient and effective office space. Your team will be best placed to assess the potential areas and surfaces of your facility that they identify as potential risks to both themselves, and your clients. 

Employees may be commuting to work on public transport, where they are potentially touching surfaces that are used by hundreds of other people. This suddenly and dramatically increases the likelihood that at least one employee will get infected with COVID-19. 

If employees are travelling on busses and trams, the risk is much higher and you should be thinking of ways to combat the spread of the virus if it is brought in through the door. What’s more, is that many contagions of the virus begin before the individual person spreading the germs even shows traces of the virus. Disinfecting your office space with a Bacteo Tower Lamp ensures safety and protection from possible work disruptions. 

UVC science
Bring UVC science into your health and safety approach. The Bacteo Power Lamp is here for you, helping you harness the power of UVC the most advanced technology on the market. You’ll not only keep your clients safe but you’ll inspire your employees.  

Transforming your office into a safe place to work in a must during this COVID-19 pandemic. To keep your business up and running, combined with the highest health and safety measures in place combine your new daily cleaning routine with a Bacteo Power Lamp. Because you need to feel assured that you are welcoming people into a safe environment. 

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